Hang Drum for Sale

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Hang Drum for Sale

How to purchase the best handpan drum for your needs

Purchasing a hang drum can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. There are the custom made brands, the specific manufactured brands, the rip-offs, the lower but still effective instruments, and such. Finding the right handpan drum for sale is dependent on knowing what to look for in a hang drum. Here is your guide to finding the best drum for your needs.

Hang drum instrument

Where will you be using your drum?

Where you will use your hang drum is just as important as what you will be playing. Apart from the obvious restrictions which you may get from the area, there is the acoustics to consider. For example, if you are playing in a park, the sound will be greatly different than if you are playing in a concreted studio. Test the area to see how sound carries, what level of play is appropriate, and what musicians recommend.


The size of the hang can range from a few inches in diameter to an excess of a foot or more depending on the type and the brand selection. This raises the issue of portability. If you need to tote the drum from location to location, then having a smaller hang drum may be the right solution. Keep in mind that the smaller the drum, the lower the tone will be.


The hang drum has two major components, the top and the bottom. The connection of the Gu to the top most part of the drum should be considered. If there is too much lag and the top can rotate apart from the base, then you will have acoustic problems. Additionally, if the top and the bottom curve radius differs too much from each other, you will have acoustic issues. The best practice is to look at the top hang drums for sale and do a comparative review of what is available. Listen to professionals play the instruments online so that you will know the potential sound that can be obtained.

Factory or from another source?

While it may be idealistic to have your hang drum purchased from the distributor/manufacturer, this may not be the most realistic. Purchasing direct tends to be quite expensive, not to mention the waiting list for brands which make their drums by hand tends to be quite expensive. If you have the money and the time to wait for your hang drum instrument, then purchasing from the company may be beneficial as you get that one-on-one relationship. Yet, for the majority of us who wish to get into the playing of the instrument, you will need to find a distributor which has a large selection, has information to compare the different types and models, and is accessible to answer questions when needed.

There are a few things to note when looking for an online distributor. First, ensure that the hang drum for sale or the handpan drum for sale is from a top manufacturer and is just being resold to you. Customized drums and no-name drums can be purchased, but take due diligence in asking questions about the make, the acoustics, the metal used to make it, etc.  Secondly, if the drum is not new, you will need to make an inspection for defects. Keep in mind that it is metal and so any dings and dents will make a difference in the sound. Listings of drums with minor dents can be a major problem. Inspect and if possible try out the sound before you buy used. Finally, check the source. Needless to say, there are a bunch of knock off brands on the market. If the product is originating from a country which has no association with the manufacturer of the drum, the odds of getting ripped off increase.

Hang drum on Amazon

Find a good hang drum for sale

Should you be looking for a hang drum for sale and wish to find a wide selection of quality products, please browse our shop. Our shop is connected with Amazon, so you can buy your Hang drum on Amazon after checking our recommendations. The site is oriented to the hang drum instrument and hang drum culture, providing not only drums for sale but also useful information about the various types, models, and uses of such drums. If you have any questions regarding the hang drums for sale on the site, or if you have general inquires about hang drums, please contact handpandrum.net directly through our site.

Tzevaot AEOLIAN Handpan drum

The Aeolian Scale reflects a Dark VS Light for a beautiful balance of energies. The Aeolian is very versatile and great for filling any atmosphere with wonderfully magical sounds.
Scale (G) C D E F G Ab Bb C
Highly rust resilient

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