Halo Drum- Alternative to the Traditional Hang Drum

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Halo Drum

Halo drum- A Western Alternative to the Traditional Hang Drum

PANArt the leading maker of hand drums have received a level of alternatives from various companies around the world. The reason is, arguably, due to the high cost of the instruments. And while some may argue that paying a premium price for a premium instrument is to be expected, there are those which require a cost-effective use to the traditional Hang. Thus, the Halo was introduced by Pantheon Steel. Here are some of the features which are common and dissimilar from the traditional Hang.


A steel handpan?


The design of the Halo is similar to that of the Hang drum in that it is based upon the UFO design commonly associated with this genre of instruments. Tuning of the Halo is on the zig zag, where the lowest note is closest to the player and the highest pitched note is furthest from the player. D note is on the center top of the dome. And while the design is similar in this regard, they differ in the overall diameter. The Hang drum is usually around a foot in diameter, but the Halo is typically a bit larger ranging from a foot to 25 inches or so.

Different from the Hang, the Halo has a vast selection of scales available. Generally, the hang only has a 7,8, or 9 note configurations centered around the D or F note. When purchasing your Halo Drum for sale, you should take care to understand the note layout.

The weight of Halo drums exceeds that of the hang or PANArt models. This is due to the substantially larger surface area of the metal. Common sense dictates that the more metal used, the heavier the instrument will be.

The acoustics of the Halo

Halo drums have a deep chime sound, though there is a definitive transition from the lowest note to the highest note. The sound can be compared to that of a gong or deep chime as opposed to the xylophone or typical steel drum. The Halo does have a very high level of reverb and lingering. As with the weight, this is a result of the larger metal surface area. The increased area in this instance causing more air resonance. When playing the Hang Drum, there is more of a thumping to the play. Yet, with the Halo the instrument has more of a slapping or tapping of the drum to get the desired acoustics.

Unlike the Hang, the Halo can usually be adjusted and tuned by adjusting the top of the dome. Like the steel drum and to other similar instruments, the tone circle is a bit more difficult to adjust and it is recommended that if substantial tuning is needed, that you have it done by a professional.

Pantheon steel halo for sale

Halo Drum price and why to purchase

Although the Halo is an alternative to the Hang Drum, specifically designed for the American Market, does not mean that there is a substantial decline in the price of the drums. Some of the models have sold for $7000 and some have sold for $1500, so the argument that such a drum is a more cost-effective solution is a bit moot.  Additionally, those which purchase Halos may have to wait for the drum for a while as the company only produces a few hundred models a year (though they have made a great deal of progress with their manufacturing). Those seeking a Halo Drum may find that their best option is to purchase their instrument from an online source rather than straight from the maker, but you can check the Pantheon steel homepage here and try your luck.

Tzevaot AEOLIAN Handpan drum

The Aeolian Scale reflects a Dark VS Light for a beautiful balance of energies. The Aeolian is very versatile and great for filling any atmosphere with wonderfully magical sounds.
Scale (G) C D E F G Ab Bb C
Highly rust resilient

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Price: $3,299.00 $2,899.00

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Halo handpan for sale

Is the Halo better that the Hang?

The main reason why one would purchase a Halo over a Hang would be for those subtle differences in sound, the larger design to attract more attention, or just to add some variety to their existing “lap” drum.

Playing your Halo

When playing a halo, it is best to position the drum to where the knees slightly extend from the Gu (base). Musicians which cannot accomplish this feat may need to use a stand or a supporting device so that he or she can get the proper sound. Additionally, when playing your Halo drum, ensure that your elbows are not cramped at your sides when playing the lower note. You should be able to play all of the tone circle freely and without constricting your body. Again, should you have any problems doing such, you may need to purchase a Halo drum accessory or a smaller drum.

Find out more

Should you wish to find a Halo Drum for sale, or if you have any questions regarding the Halo drum please look at the various pages of our website handpan drum. The site offers an abundance of information on Hang, Halo, Steel, and such similar instruments. If you find that you have additional questions not found on these pages please contact handpandrum.net directly through their website.

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