All about the Hang Drum

Hang Drum Out of this world sound in a foot of space If you have ever seen the Hang Drum, then you know that the instrument is not very large at all. Encompassing only about a foot of space, the hang drum rests in the lap and is played by tapping upon the top surface … Read more

Handpan drum-What you need to know about the Handpan

Handpan drum What you need to know about the Handpan drum instrument in resume: Handpan drums are growing in popularity since the first-generation models were introduced to the market in 2007. The instrument which resembles a hubcap or pan is specifically designed to have variable acoustics dependent upon where on the drum the musician strikes. … Read more

Halo Drum- Alternative to the Traditional Hang Drum

Halo Drum Halo drum- A Western Alternative to the Traditional Hang Drum PANArt the leading maker of hand drums have received a level of alternatives from various companies around the world. The reason is, arguably, due to the high cost of the instruments. And while some may argue that paying a premium price for a … Read more

Hang Drum for Sale

Hang Drum for Sale How to purchase the best handpan drum for your needs Purchasing a hang drum can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. There are the custom made brands, the specific manufactured brands, the rip-offs, the lower but still effective instruments, and such. Finding the right … Read more